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About Us

PADCA is a vibrant, dynamic non-profit organisation based in Pietermaritzburg, a leader in senior care in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands (in South Africa) and a resource of choice for senior citizens and their families.

PADCA empowers ageless living and so our continuum of services is designed with the changing needs of seniors in mind.  The objective in care of those over 60 is now healthy ageing, improving quality of life as lifespan has increased. The need for this care is growing at a rapid rate. The environment that best allows for healthy ageing, and therefore now seen as optimum is at home with community-driven care, across the economic spectrum.  Sustainability and improved quality of life are created through intergenerational dependence.

Those looking to take up residence with PADCA are looking for a wider range of accommodation options to adapt to these different levels of independence, community involvement and care. We are also seeing a substantial shift in caregiving models around the vulnerable, frail as well as those living with dementia.

Our person-centred approach ensures that once a senior decides to live as part of our family, we cater to their needs whilst looking to balance the lifestyle they want to have, their health and their finances. From independent living through to dementia care, PADCA has you covered.

Our Values

  • Quality: PADCA is committed to service excellence that ensures a life worth living for older people.
  • Service: PADCA is committed to addressing the special needs of vulnerable older people.
  • Integrity: PADCA’s service will be honest, transparent, loyal (to our clients) and free of bias and personal gain.
  • Respect and Dignity: PADCA will enhance the dignity, self-respect and individuality of all clients.
  • Humanity and Empathy: PADCA will treat everyone with kindness, acceptance and understanding.
  • Embrace and Respond to Change: PADCA will be innovative and turn challenges into opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower ageless living by:

  • providing excellent (high quality) care for vulnerable senior citizens and their families in the areas of Dementia and other frail care needs.
  • functioning as an integral part of a fully supportive broader community in the KZN Midlands.
  • providing and facilitating Home-based Community Care for vulnerable senior citizens, including initiatives to educate communities in the care of the aged.
  • having modern well-equipped facilities, in line with our person-centred approach.
  • being fully funded and supported, ensuring PADCA is viable and sustainable in the long term with regard to Finance, Staff, and Facilities.
  • impacting 8000 people in our target group.

Our Status

PADCA, a voluntary association, is a registered Non-Proft Organisation (NPO)  with Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status, with the authority to issue Section 18A receipts for donations that support the welfare arm of our services.

A Brief History

PADCA came into being ‘to improve the circumstances of older people. The organisation was started in 1948, by concerned individuals, to assist senior citizens who were having difficulties collecting their pensions. Since then it has adapted to the ever-changing environment and has grown into a substantial organisation caring for 600 seniors under roof and impacting 800 seniors in the community.

Our Ombudsman

Margaret McCullough is the PADCA Ombudsman responsible for the independent investigation of any serious complaints of abuse, neglect or exploitation or violation of Constitutional or human rights, of any resident in any of PADCA’s facilities. Requests for intervention from residents (or members of their family or friends) need to be received in writing.