Distributing Care Packs to Community Residents – Nelson Mandela Day 2023

Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated on 18 July every year to shine a light on the legacy of a man who helped change the 20th century. It is no surprise that this unselfish and magnanimous human being suggested that people globally honour him by giving back to their communities, rather than celebrating his birthday. Through our generosity and random acts of kindness to those less fortunate than ourselves, we remember a great statesman. We are reminded of his commitment to justice, human rights and a profound belief in the equality of every man, woman and

The theme for the day this year is “It’s In Your Hands.” The Nelson Mandela Foundation has also made a call to action for “Climate, Food and Solidarity” highlighting these issues as the most urgent challenges facing people worldwide. The Foundation is encouraging people to take a stance against climate change and create sustainable food environments which would in turn help combat poverty and address inequality.

The PADCA Community Services team, with the assistance of one of our loyal donors, paid homage by distributing care packs to some of our most deserving community residents. These packs were well-considered and included a few warm winter woollies, essential toiletries and tasty treats; they were distributed earlier so beneficiaries could put the woollies to use during our recent cold spell. The beneficiaries were overwhelmed by this kind gesture and expressed their appreciation.