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Join hands with PADCA, together we can empower ageless living. 

It requires us all to remain engaged and active as we grow older. You can help us educate, support and improve the quality of life of seniors who are vulnerable, frail and/or living with dementia.

Here are two ways you can get involved and help us:

1: Learn and share about ageing and how to stay active

We have interesting and well-researched articles on topics such as healthy eating, the benefits of staying active and the importance of community available for you to learn about living agelessly. Download them from the list below and share them with anyone you think will enjoy them, at home, at school and at the office.

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Our GoBlue Articles

As part of our annual awareness initiative #GoBlue, we share several informative articles on, inter alia, ageless living, trends for older adults, understanding Alzheimer’s/ dementia and exercise regimes written by experts in their fields.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD)

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is a global event for the last 17 years, celebrated every year on 15th of June. On this day, various local and global communities gather around, with the intention to recognise the impact of global abuse and neglect faced by the elderly. Apart from promoting a better life by…

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Creating Awareness Around World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

PADCA’s Community Services Team has been creating awareness around World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by engaging in a few community initiatives. The first was a collaboration with CANSA Pietermaritzburg in a Senior Citizens CANSA Walk and Awareness Day on 7th June 2023. PADCA’s Social Worker Mpume Xaba, addressed senior citizens on PADCA’s services and Abuse…

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Thank You MySchool Supporters for Making Our Bus Trips Possible!

The Community Services Team at PADCA renders valuable services to rural communities in the Pietermaritzburg region. The team is relatively small however, we have a dedicated social worker, who has the primary responsibility of engaging with the elderly in the rural communities of Pietermaritzburg by uplifting their lives through community outreach projects. There are presently…

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Storytelling from PADCA’s Seniors

The vast majority of us are fortunate to have older people around us, whether they’re family, friends, just general acquaintances or those entrusted in our care. Older people are fonts of wisdom, experience, and storytelling. Some of our fondest childhood memories stem from our grandparents’ storytelling whether true, fictional or folktale. These stories can be…

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Avoid the 3 common stumbling blocks to exercise and get back to doing what you love!

At times, when exercise is difficult, we all want to give up but I want to encourage you to keep going! Here are three reasons to keep on going even when it’s tough: 1: “It hurts so I avoid using it” Pain is designed to be a warning light not a stop sign. When we…

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Putting The Spotlight On Fibre

What is fibre and why is it important? Dietary fibre is the edible part of plants which your body can’t digest or absorb. Fibre is sometimes called bulk or roughage. Fibre can be categorised by 3 physical characteristics, including its ability to dissolve (e.g. soluble and insoluble), how thick it is (gel-like quality), and how well…

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What are the common eye procedures for those over 55s?

There are many things we expect to change as we age, the condition of our eyes being one of them. The development of cataracts is often top of mind. Their removal, combined with the insertion of a replacement lens, is the most frequently performed surgery for those over 55s. But, what other eye procedures may…

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It’s time to break the “senior” mould!

The words “senior”, “old age”, and “over 60” have a wide range of connotations. When someone is 55 years old or more, phrases like “it’s just old age” and “at your time of life” get bandied about when someone is injured or unwell. When you are looking at purchasing products and services tailored to this…

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GoBlue this Garden Day, flex your gardening muscles

Giving yourself a good workout in the privacy of your own backyard is much nicer (and cheaper) than going to a gym, and you don’t have to force your ‘love handles’ into unbecoming lycra! Getting fit and healthy can be an expensive affair if you consider the cost of gym membership – sweaty and dreary…

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Practical ways we can journey alongside people living with dementia and their caregivers

The person living with dementia is still the same person they were before the disease, with the same heart and soul despite changes occurring as a result of the disease. We need to ask ourselves the question, how would we wish to be treated if we were living with dementia and in what ways would we want to be supported?…

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2: Donate and make a difference in the life of a vulnerable senior!

We need your help to improve the quality of life of seniors in our community who are vulnerable, frail and or living with dementia. Your donation improves their lives. Whether it’s R20 or R200, YOU really will help someone in need!

Add to the Quality of Life of seniors by making Gifts in Kind of just about anything, some examples include Mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters, walking frames), Food, Clothing, Linen, Furniture, Computers, Books, Toiletries, Adult Incontinence Products – all types and sizes

You can make a lasting contribution to the work PADCA is doing by making a bequest in our favour. Act now for a lasting legacy for seniors. Download the bequest form

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is South Africa’s biggest community support programme. Get a free card online or simply phone 0860 100 445. You can also get a card at any Woolworths store. Nominate us as the beneficiary. Swipe your card whenever you make a purchase at any partner store. The partner will donate a percentage of your purchases to PADCA! You raise funds without it costing you a cent!

Donate your time and expertise! Find satisfaction, companionship and fun in joining the PADCA band of dedicated volunteers who add immensely to the quality and range of services provided. Today over 200 volunteers are active in all aspects of service including the governance of the organisation. Some of the residents in our various homes volunteer their services, assisting in the day to day operations and in the arranging and running of activities for fellow residents.

Working together with the permanent, professional staff, volunteers extend the services we provide, enabling seniors to fulfil their roles in society for as long as possible.

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Downloadable PDFs

Abuse and the Law

What can you do if you suspect elder abuse? What to do and steps to take...

Active Aging

The maintenance of positive well-be-ing and good physical, social and mental health.

Brain Aging and Diet

What role does the diet play? Dementia is a major concern among older adults...

Connecting with Social Media

Social meida was born to help alleviate loneliness and connect people globally.


Give dancing a whirl! Stepping onto the dance floor is a fun and a social way to improve our wellbeing.


Dementia is a collective name for progressive degenerative brain syndromes which affect memory.

Eat as you Age

Make every mouthful count. As you age, your body changes in both appearance and function.

Exercise Stumbling Blocks

Avoid these three common stumbling blocks to exercise and get back to doing what you love!


Flex your gardening muscles. A good workout in the privacy of your own backyard.


Financial retirement vs career retirement.  You want a "freedom fund" ...

Financial Abuse

You think this will never be you, but it happens more easily than you can imagine.


Managing frailty and function. Frailty is a condition associated with aging and the frequency of disease.

Independence with Dementia

Can our loved ones living with dementia still enjoy the freedom of independence?

Invest in your Eyes

75% of all casses of blindness are avoidable, which is why caring for your eyes is so important.


As we age, we naturally develop more problems with our feet due to daily wear and tear.

Property Requirements

Are there any specific property requirements for those over 60 years of age?


Yoga in modern times - the awakening of the mind to live a happy and healthy life.