Giving Care and dignity to a senior this Giving Tuesday

At PADCA we pride ourselves in serving seniors in the Pietermaritzburg area across the financial spectrum including those of low economic means. In the majority of cases, the full costs of those in our residential facilities are covered by the individual and/or with the assistance of their family and friends. However, we have a limited number of seniors who need our help as they only have their Old Age Pension to support them financially. This doesn’t cover the cost of the frail care they so desperately need, so each month, PADCA covers the balance required of R4001 per person through inter alia donations made from our community. Unfortunately, our donations are not what they have been in the past.

These funds allow us to accommodate them in our four-bedded rooms with the provision of 24-hour frail care and healthy nutritious main meals. Residents are fully cared for, allowing them to retain their dignity and enjoy a good quality of life.

For many elderly in the community taking care of oneself and meeting their daily mental, physical and emotional needs can be daunting. Preparing their meals, managing their medication, attending to their ailments, and staying in touch with family and friends as they age can be challenging. Living independently is no longer a viable option and they need to move into frail care. Our PADCA frail care serves as a beacon of hope for them.

Our personalised care at PADCA provides peace of mind, reduces residents’ anxieties about meeting their daily living needs, and provides a safe, secure environment where they can flourish. Our care team is trained to cater to the type and the level of support required by each resident. We offer person-centred care and as such, individual needs and preferences are always considered. We strive to keep our residents in good health, allowing them to enjoy a better quality of life. As a result, family and friends are reassured that they are well cared for.

In terms of their medical care, there is a greater focus on improving mobility, reducing the need for medication and pain management. The increased mobility also reduces the risk of bedsores. We have had success stories of new residents coming into our homes bed-bound and/or with a wheelchair or walker and through the proper care, attention, and support they receive from care staff and other residents show dramatic improvement.

Help us continue in our care for these special seniors who have no one else to ask. Please reach deep into your hearts and consider them this Giving Tuesday. Any contribution cash or kind is welcome!

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