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Purchasing or Renting from PADCA

PADCA offers seniors the opportunity to either purchase a property or rent one on a month-to-month basis.

Purchasing on a Life Rights Basis

Purchasing on a life rights basis gives a senior the right to occupy a unit or room for their (or spouse’s) lifetime. There are a range of terms applicable depending on whether they purchase at Woodgrove Retirement Village (in the village or the Oaks) or if you are purchasing at Clivia Place, at Sunnyside Park Home.

Renting on a Month-to-Month Basis

The alternative to purchasing is to rent a unit or a room on a month-to-month basis. What is included or excluded from the rental fee varies depending on the facility and the package selected.

We offer independent living rentals at Kurume Place.

Residential living rentals (which includes meals and other services) are available at Sunnyside Park Home and Villa Assumpta.

We offer assisted living rentals at Villa Assumpta.

Frail and dementia care rentals are available at Sunnyside Park Home and Woodgrove Retirement Village in the Lodge.

Available Now

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