There are 140 PADCA employed staff and a further 250 supplied by our outsourced partners for security, catering, cleaning and care services.

The general administration and financial functions are centralised at Head Office, together with the Social Work Department which includes the Social Workers, Accommodation Secretary and the Community Workers.

The maintenance for all of PADCA falls under the Maintenance Manager who is based at Sunnyside Park Home with maintenance supervisors and assistants working in each of the units. Major projects are generally contracted out.

The Managers and deputies in the residential and care facilities lead the PADCA and outsourced staff to deliver quality care to the residents which includes comfortable, appropriate and safe accommodation, nursing care, laundry, catering and cleaning services, assistance with pocket money and shopping, access to transport services, gardens and social and spiritual activities.

PADCA is singularly blessed with the calibre and loyalty of its staff and the commitment and professionalism of its outsourced partners.

The latest AGM report lists the current caterers and security service providers and the outsourced partner tasked with the training and provision of care staff.

Our Nurses

Attracting and retaining quality professional and enrolled nurses is proving difficult. Whilst it is comforting to know that most NPOs are in this predicament, we are reorganising our services to make the most of these scarce professionals whilst still providing a supportive, caring and safe environment for the senior citizens in frail care. The Eden Alternative is guiding our thinking, in understanding that senior citizens are not ill they are just in a different stage of life, needing support for personal care activities and only at times requiring medical interventions.

Our Carers

In our frail care homes the Carers are a vital component in providing quality care to the residents. The Dept of Social Development is formulating a training module for carers which will be invaluable in ensuring that the training is standardised and carers get the recognition their role deserves. At present they do not fall under the SA Nursing Council nor do they receive specific sector determination recognition by Dept of Labour. Many of the PADCA and outsourced carers have been with PADCA for a number of years and are very experienced and skilled.

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